About the Staff

We strive to provide the best possible service.

Internal audit provides a broad range of audit services designed to help meet Fermi Research Alliance’s (FRA) objectives.

Internal audit is an integral part of the governance structure. We assist management by objectively assessing operations and sharing ideas for best practices. We provide recommendations for improving controls, processes and procedures.

Professional audit standards and regulations from DOE require that we maintain our technical competence through continuing education and training. Training helps us maintain our professional certifications, including certified public accountant, certified internal auditor and certified information systems auditor.

We recruit and develop knowledge workers. Through comprehensive audit assignments, auditors obtain a broad understanding of the administrative processes and systems at Fermilab. Educational and professional development opportunities complement the auditor’s skill base, and as a result an auditor can serve as a valuable resource for divisions and sections.

Periodically, we serve on the DOE Contractor Audit Executive Council (CAEC) Steering Committee. We attend the monthly and/or annual meetings that feature current audit topics. We also support the CAEC peer review process by serving as peer review team leaders and team members. The CAEC provides an outlet to learn internal audit best practices and network with our peers at other DOE contractor sites.

Peers from other DOE contractor internal audit departments, FRA’s external audit firm and the DOE Office of Inspector General audit us to verify that we comply with generally accepted audit standards.

As members of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), we adhere to the IIA’s Code of Ethics as required by DOE laboratories. The audit profession demands a high level of ethical conduct. When you interact with one of our internal auditors, you can expect to work with someone who is courteous, professional, conscientious, and dedicated to delivering high-quality services.

Pat LamĀ (Chief Audit Executive)

Specializing in financial and compliance auditing

Andrew Bendyk (Audit Specialist Senior)

Linda Kuersten (Auditor Specialist)

Mariola Oscarson (Audit Specialist)

Frank Rosellini (Audit Specialist Senior)